The HANDLE® Paradigm

Approach to
Development and


HANDLE is a systems approach.
Our bodies are systems that interact with larger systems (family, school, social milieu, work).
Our internal and external environments influence each other.
Environmental offenders stress one's systems, making it difficult to stay attentive or engaged.



HANDLE is an approach, not a technique, not a one size fits all.
HANDLE is a neurodevelopmental readiness approach.
HANDLE incorporates principles and practices from many varied disciplines including neuroscience, education, psychology, nutrition etc.
HANDLE takes a nonjudgemental view of behaviours as a method of communicating what cannot be expressed with words.
HANDLE does not attempt to mask or control behaviours, but rather understand their message.



Across the lifespan the brain adapts in relation to input through neuroplasticity and synaptogenesis.
Imposed demands, when conflicting with an individual's internal need inhibit typical neurodevelopment, and can even cause developmental disorders.
Toxicity and nutrition are two environmental factors that greatly affect neurodevelopment.
HANDLE recognizes that organized movement, supported by proper nutrition:

  • Organizes mental processing
  • Influences the body's biochemistry
  • Helps mold the actual structure of the brain
  • Leads to myelination of neural pathways



HANDLE® addresses all forms of learning (academic, language, motor, social, emotional...) throughout the lifespan. Learning is the ongoing process of using sensory-motor, social, and emotional input to realign our output into effective behaviour.
Differences in sensory processing (in any of the systems) influence one's preferred learning modalities.
Serious disorders in one system and/or significant differences in a number of systems can create learning challenges that will remain until the foundational systems are strengthened and integrated.
All senses must be strengthened and integrated in order to form a whole based on comprehensive sensory information.



Efficiency is more than just effective performance on a task
Efficiency is:
Expending the least amount of energy
Utilizing the fewest resources
With minimum stress
To achieve the desired result or performance


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