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HANDLE® Practitioners and Screeners

Certified HANDLE Practitioners provide expert, in-depth Assessments and an Individualized Gentle Enhancement® Neurodevelopmental Readiness Therapeutic Program and programs for individuals with moderate, complex, or profound neurodevelopmental disorders.
Certified HANDLE Screeners provide Screenings and an Individualized Gentle Enhancement® Neurodevelopmental Readiness Therapeutic Program, and ascertain many neurodevelopmental obstacles to learning in individuals with mild to moderate neurodevelopmental disorders.
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HANDLE® Evaluations - Two Levels of Service - Assessments and Screenings

There are two levels of service, a HANDLE Assessment or a HANDLE Screening. Assessments (provided by Practitioners) and Screenings (provided by Screeners) both include an Individualized Gentle Enhancement® Neurodevelopmental Readiness Therapeutic Program. As further described below, there are differences between both the evaluation process of a Screening and Assessment, and their Gentle Enhancement Therapeutic Programs.

HANDLE Evaluations involve either:

HANDLE Assessment -- as a result of the Assessment, the Practitioner can develop an in-depth Neurodevelopmental Profile. An Assessment is provided by a Certified HANDLE Practitioner.

HANDLE Screening -- as a result of the Screening, the Screener can develop an abbreviated Neurodevelopmental Profile. A Screening is provided by a Certified HANDLE Screener.

The goal of a HANDLE Screening or HANDLE Assessment is to discover which sensory systems may be contributing to academic, social, work, or behavioural difficulties, or those that may impede future learning.
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What is the difference between a Screening and an Assessment?

HANDLE Screening
For clients five and older, who are experiencing mild to moderate learning or attentional challenges, a HANDLE Screening may be adequate to identify if neurodevelopmental systems are affected. This option offers a Modified Therapeutic Program, to address the perplexing behaviours. Screenings are also suitable for athletes, gifted students, and in the business world, to increase efficiency. A Screening is often utilized to aid the decision if HANDLE is an appropriate approach for the needs of the client, and if a full Assessment would be beneficial to the client.

HANDLE Assessment
For younger clients, developmentally young, or those with challenges that are more severe or complex, a HANDLE Assessment is recommended. It is an in-depth Neurodevelopmental Evaluation and Therapeutic Activity Program. The Assessment evaluation is more detailed than a Screening.

The therapeutic activities available to an Assessment client are:

more numerous
A Practitioner has over 130 activities to choose from to design a client program, as opposed to a Screener who is limited to a selection of 24 activities to design a program.
more varied in intensity
A Practitioner can provide activities that are less intensive to accommodate very stressed or underdeveloped systems, and can be utilized early in a program.
Conversely, a Practitioner can provide activities that are more intensive, and thus can accommodate clients with stronger systems, or can be utilized later in the program, as foundational systems become more organized.
Generally speaking the activities available with a Screening are most appropriate to mild to moderate challenges
Assessment activities are often more targeted in addressing systems and their interrelationships.

Some clients are uncertain if the perplexing behaviours they are observing are derived from neurodevelopmental irregularities, or if they would respond to HANDLE. We suggest you contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss specific questions.
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What does a HANDLE Assessment entail?

The Initial Evaluation Appointment

The HANDLE Assessment is nonjudgmental and observational in nature. It is adjusted to meet the needs of the individual client. Special health concerns are taken into account, as is nutritional information, and pertinent details of the developmental history.

The initial Assessment appointment is scheduled for 2 hours, but may be adjusted, depending on the situation. The evaluation is a comprehensive and sensitive assessment, involving interactive tasks, specific neurodevelopmental tests, and interviewing of clients, parents and other caregivers.


After the initial Assessment, the findings are analyzed. A Neurodevelopmental Profile is created, and an Individualized HANDLE Therapeutic Program is created for the client.

The Neurodevelopmental Profile is a dynamic mapping of the observed and reported functionality of each of the many systems explored in the Assessment.

The Neurodevelopmental Profile is then used to create an Individualized Gentle Enhancement Neurodevelopmental Readiness Therapeutic Program, which takes into consideration the interests and abilities of the client as well as the family/group dynamics, and is designed for implementation at home, (or school, daycare centre etc.).

Presentation of Findings Appointment

A second appointment is made to present the Neurodevelopmental Profile/Mapping. We prefer that the client remain in the same room for the discussion, even if he/she is playing or otherwise occupied. Even on a peripheral level some understanding of the reasons for difficulty and the methods of treatment will be internalized and the client will receive understanding and validation for the challenges he/she has been experiencing.

Additionally, the family/group will be guided through the Individualized Gentle Enhancement Neurodevelopmental Readiness Therapeutic Program activities, involving the client and the caregivers who will be teaming with the client for their program. Individualizing the activities to meet the client's needs is a key element. The family/group will be shown how to determine when to stop an activity, as well as how to slowly increase the amount of each activity performed, in keeping with the important foundational HANDLE element termed Gentle Enhancement®. The family/group may also receive recommendations for temporary compensatory techniques or complementary services.

Questions of all kinds are encouraged throughout the process.

Activity Review Appointment

Within four to ten days after the Presentation of Findings, the client and at least one caregiver is asked to return for an Activities Review Appointment, to determine how they are doing with the program, and to address any additional questions.

Program Reviews

An additional five appointments will be scheduled approximately every 4-6 weeks for Program Reviews. Clients traveling a distance may make alternate arrangements and utilize video or webcam technologies for Program Reviews.

Upon the completion of the HANDLE Assessment Program, clients and their families will have a "toolbox" of activities, recommendations and knowledge to utilize. Most importantly, clients and their families will benefit from a deeper understanding of their systems, and begin to realize the benefits of having supported and strengthened neurodevelopmental frameworks. There may be additional recommendations for further follow-up, if necessary.


Screening and Assessment Fees:

Please note the following:
This fee structure is based upon all appointments being located at The Phoenix Centre for Neurodevelopment Clinic located in Peterborough, Ontario.
Travel and additional expenses incurred by Phoenix staff may apply and will be discussed prior to bookings.
Program to be completed within 12 months of the Initial Evaluation
A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of appointment booking.
Full payment is due by the initial appointment date.
VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
HST is in addition to quoted fees.

Program Details Fee
HANDLE® Screening Includes: Evaluation, Presentation of Findings, Activity Review, Program Reviews & Equipment $400
HANDLE® Assessment Includes: Evaluation, Presentation of Findings, Activity Review, Program Reviews & Equipment $3300
Consultation with Valerie MacLean, Certified HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor Consultations $110/hour